I am in the process of Re-Creating my website. I hope to get it back up and running soon. I appreciate you visiting, and I hope you'll visit again when the site is complete. In the meantime; feel free to check out my Blog. It's all about owning silver to help you financially. Check it out at Silver: Money and Many Uses

My World

My world is great. I have my wonderful wife Holly Ann with me on this fabulous journey. This coming July will be 39 years together. Holly is the love of my life and my best friend.

We also have our two beautiful kids; even if they aren't really "Kids" any longer.  First, there's Ashley, my "Baby Girl". Married to Andy; the greatest son-in-law anyone could dream of having. They live in Nebraska. We love them both so much.  

Then there's my "Buddy" Jeremy. Such a passionate and soulful young man. Jeremy's married to Anna. What a sweetheart. And of course they have our little grandson; Otto Lucas. They live in Japan. We can't wait to go visit them. We miss and love them both so much too.  

I am so blessed. God is great. He's given me the most wonderful family. I wonder many times why I have been so blessed. I thank the Father and my Lord Jesus for the love that he's given me. 


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